Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Work Bench Covered in Mold

This customer woke up to find that her sump pump had backed up and to her unfinished basement with an inch of water in it. When our crew arrived at the site the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a Kitchen

Sometimes you can't see mold growth in your home but that doesn't mean it can't be there. These before and after pictures give a good example of this. When all ... READ MORE

Moldy Baseboards!

The original call that we received for this job was for water damage due to this customers hot water heater breaking. When we got there we saw that mold had alr... READ MORE

Before and After Mold Remediation

Recently water and mold jobs have been consistently keeping us busy. As you can see from the pictures above this customer called about mold that was discovered ... READ MORE

Mold in Commercial Building

One of the local commercial businesses called us as they had recently discovered some mold in the basement of their building. The mold had grown up many walls o... READ MORE

Mold, Mold, and More Mold

These pictures show a smaller scale mold remediation job that our crew finished rather quickly. The mold was found at the bottom of a few of the walls in the ba... READ MORE

Uh Oh, not Mold!

There was mold discovered behind kitchen cabinets, and even behind the drywall. SERVPRO came to the rescue, and removed drywall. We HEPA Sprayed and wiped the a... READ MORE

Mold Remediation and Demolition

After discovering some lingering water damage, this homeowner noticed visible signs of microbial growth. Our crews followed HEPA processes to remove the mold bu... READ MORE

Sitting Water Causes Mold

This microbial growth in a popular store in Philadelphia, PA was the result of a water damage left to sit. When a water damage occurs, it is imperative to extra... READ MORE